Samurai from Titan Comics is such a fresh read. Everything about this comic and especially this issue just screams great things to me! There’s action, death, gore, great characters, and a great narrative.

Samurai Follows Tokeo, and he is on a quest to learn more about his family and this strange tattoo that has saved his life. Seeing the story unfold as Tokeo is trying to learn about his past. Now currently Tokeo and Akio are at the mercy of Ogomo. Action starts right from the get go, shoves you into the story. This is a victory issue. Good things happen, the right people get to see justice. Swords get swung, bodies loose limbs. Akios character really shines in this issue, with him and Tokeo facing the enemies and getting the upper hand, but at a cost of Akio being injured. The story is so crisp and clear on what it’s trying to be, and do. This is the end of a lot of arcs. So I wont go into a lot of detail. But this is a great close for the current conflict. With the ending opening up new opportunities

Frédéric Genêt has done such a tremendous job on the art for this book. I would love to have a book of just his art and interpretation of the Samurai comic world. With Delphine Rieu with such gorgeous and depth bringing colors. The whole comic looks like an old water painting you would find in japan. The environment these men create are just astounding. A style that could and will hold up against time and will always look clean and crisp. I am excited to see more art from them in future story arcs and hope I am impressed.

The overall feel you get from this title as breathtaking. With such deep lore, full characters with passion and drive! This is storytelling at its best. When  comic series jumps publishers it can get messy and change for the worst. With previously being at MARVEL, but now at Titan Comics. It is a great fit, and I hope to see great things from them. Reading this story makes me want to get the older story and read them. But with this story you don’t need much to know. You instantly fall in love with these characters. Jean-François Di Giorgio has done a fantastic job writing and crafting this. He is a force to be reckoned with, and I will keep my eye out for him. This title earns a 5 Stars.

Art – 5 Stars
Writing – 5 Stars

Writer: Jean-Francois Di Giorgio
Artist: Frederic Genet
COVER A: John McCrea
COVER B: Steve Kurth
COVER C: Frédéric Genet

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