REVIEW: Idolized #0

In a world where people with exceptional powers pine for fame, fortune, and affiliation, Aspen Comics does a brilliant job bringing us reality TV like no other.  In Idolized #0 we are introduced to this world’s version of Ryan Seacrest as he introduces his show with zeal using the stereotypical American Idol inflection, “This…is…Superhero Idol”.  We are immediately favored to a glimpse of a few of the contestants and their special powers shown through a quick montage, ultimately unveiling the prize that all the contestant’s cuvette.  The winning participant will earn a spot among the super-hero elite and become a part of the group known as The Powered Protectors.  We join a young Leslie as she becomes inspired by the commercial, which starts her journey to participate and become the Superhero Idol winner.  However, we learn that Leslie is the Superhero Joule who uses this competition to satisfy her vengeance, redemption and initiate a cataclysm to come.

Micah Gunnell and David Curiel breathe life into this spectacular world, offering gorgeous characters and colors that jump right off the page. This creative team really painted a great picture of the sensationalism of the content and the inevitable down turn of our main character.  David Schwartz (New Mutants, Fathom) offers a very unique take on reality television as he introduces Aspen’s first attempt in the Superhero genre with this title.  During the inception of this story Aspen brilliantly ran a contest awarding winners the opportunity to be “drawn into a comic book”, as well as giving readers the opportunity to vote on concept art.

This limited run of six issues looks to offer a beautifully illustrated world and an angst driven story.  The zero issue does not disappoint as it outlines the premise instantly, and captures the reader with gorgeous artwork.  This run will surely have me pining for each issue, therefore I give this title 4 out of 5 stars.

  • Written by David Schwartz
  • Art by Micah Gunnell

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