All New Fathom from Aspen Comics. This is an interesting title, with so much history and background that I couldn’t begin to explain. Fathom was created in 1998 by Michael Turner, the series has had many breaks between the time issues were coming out. Regardless of where it started, All New Fathom is in my mind. Lets get into why you should give this a chance.

So lets talk about the story. Fathom is about a young women named Aspen Mathews.  The comic opens up with some good classic action. The whole issue plays back through flashbacks as she is explaining her interaction with this warrior of the Typhos. This issue is handled really well with its pacing. It doesn’t move at a breakneck speed that catches you off guard and have to flip back to second guess what you just read. So my favorite part of the issue is well fleshed out the character is, which is not surprising because the character is almost 20 years old.

So lets talk about the art. Art is super crisp, not much of a complex style. But it works for this title in so many ways. The whole art is done by Marco Renna doing the pencils, Mark Roslan doing the digital inks, and John Starr taking care of the colors. The art takes a very simple take, but it is strong. Love the way the artist draws Espen underwater, excited to see more the artists work in future issues. The colors are a strong suit. The colorist does an amazing job adding life to these drawings. Now lets talk about one of my favorite things when it comes to comic books, the letterer. When I read comics I love looking at how different letterers handle different comic styles, genres, etc. The letterer for this is Zen. Zen does an amazing job handling the flashbacks in the issue. It is so easy to tell from the get go what bubbles are for what, whether its actual talking in the flashback and Espen explaining the story to her friend.

So at the end of the day, this is a great issue. Whether you are a die-hard fan of the series as it has unfolded for the past 20 years, or a new reader like me. This is an amazing read full of character, humor, great art, and so much promise. Definitely recommend it to superhero lovers, has some good parts about how the public views enhanced humans. So to break this down in as simple as i can. Give it a try, you might be surprised.

Writing – 4.5 Stars
Art – 4.5 Stars

Written by Blake Northcott
Penciled by Marco Renna
Digital Inked by Mark Roslan
Colored by John Starr
Lettered by Zen

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