REVIEW: Fissure #1

We have all experienced different barriers in our lives whether they are physical, cultural, mental, racial, or just one big crevasse.  In the current political climate, which has reignited the discussion of our differences, Vault dares to offer an ambitious story that uses those barriers to establish an unknown event to come.  As you may have presumed the aptly named Fissure centers around what seems to be an ever-expanding chasm that seems to have some sinister impetuses.  Our story takes flight as we witness militia border patrol members responding to what you are to assume is illegal immigrants seeking refuge in America.  Almost as quickly as you gasp our storytellers immediately present the Fissure and its uncompromised prowess.   The story then gently continues as the writer Tim Daniel (The Walking Dead: Survivors Guide, Enormous) gradually introduces us to Hark Wright and his Father along with Avery Lee Olmos and her Grandmother.  The tone of their relationship begins to surface as our two main characters struggle with prejudice and ignorance as a not so small connection challenges their families views of their relationship.  Their small town of El Sueño begins to rumble and Main Street is sliced in half as we find Hark and Avery separated by the Fissure.  As the dust settles we are greeted with a new and unexplained presence that emerges from the Fissure which threatens to further scar the souls of this once simple town.

The Team of Patricio Delpeche (Creator, Inker, Letterer, Penciller, and Colorist) and Tim Daniel (Creator, Writer, Designer) assume most, if not all the creative for this poignant and dutiful story.  The story is finely crafted by Daniel, although I found it a bit stagnant as our initial characters materialize.  A fair portion of the dialog is in Spanish which was somewhat difficult for me to follow.  However, Delpeche provides great imagery that allowed me to follow along without the benefit of knowing an ounce of Spanish.  Delpeche’s style is reminiscent of the critically acclaimed Paper Girls and offers a water-color type effect with his art that was truly another voice on the pages.

Fissure provided a great premise to many possible story paths and the initial issue has me thirsty for more.  I highly recommend this book and will be giving the story at least 3 issues.  Should the story goes where I think it might, this is going to be one heck of a ride.  I give Fissure 4 stars out of 5 stars and I look forward to what happens to the people of El Sueño.

Fissure #1
Story:  Tim Daniel
Art and Colors:  Patricio Delpeche
Letters: Deron Bennett
Publisher: Vault Comics
Diamond Order Code: DEC161518

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