So Blood Brothers is a new comic that is being funded through IndieGoGo. Websites like IndieGoGo and Kickstarter have been such an amazing platform for new age indie comics to get the spotlight whether the creator is self publishing, or trying to submit to a small comic book publisher. But both ways can be expensive covering printing costs,  and paying the creative team. But it is so nice to see comics being self-made get so much buzz.

Blood Brothers follows Tommy and Billy, twin brothers that were separated at birth by their father, who is a weapon dealer called “Nuclear Dad”. The story opens up with a small back story of how the brothers were separated. Tommy was the one that was kept by the parents living a life of luxury. While on the other hand, Billy was left on the streets to fend for himself and learn to do whatever it took to survive. Then fates unfold as they both end up at the same gas station and realize that they are in fact brothers. Billy immediately fills with rage and attacks Tommy. The story that has been laid out isn’t anything spectacular. It is a simple story, but there are a lot of events that happen that really don’t have a good explanation to “why” it is happening. Characters aren’t really given good reasons to their actions and I am hoping that in future issues the characters are given better development.

The art for the comic book is definitely charming, a simple black & white style. For the story this book is telling I think the art suits it. I’m excited to see where it goes in the future. The art and story have been taken care of by Cesar Adrian Carrasquel. Ken Reynolds is doing the lettering for this project and he has done a very clean and neat job.

Blood Brothers is a project that I hope to see more of. There are small things about this first issue that seem weird to me. Mainly the lack of explaining character motivation and decisions. I would like to see the writer take more time and flesh out more dialogue that explains more about the characters besides that one was raised in luxury, and the other on the streets. So hopefully in future issues that gets better addressed. That said, this story has so much potential. I’m hoping it lives up to the potential it has, until then I’m giving it 3 stars.

Writing – 3 Stars
Art 3 Stars

Creative Team: Cesar Adrian Carrasquel Cisneros a/k/a A9, Ken Reynolds and Grace Freeman
Publisher: No One Comics

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