State of The Union 02.01.17

Geeks and Geekettes!

Good Morning, or afternoon, or whatever it is.

What a month it’s been. Between the flood of emails and messages on social media requesting interviews and spotlights to those who just dropped by to say “Hi!” and wish us well, I’m pretty beat. I never in a million years thought that we would get such an overwhelmingly positive reaction from the public when we went live. For that, I thank you and hope you will continue to follow us.

Now, when I started Geekery I knew that I wanted a place in the magazine or on our website that I could reach out to fans of Geekery and let them know what is happening behind the scenes here at HQ. The State of The Union address does exactly that.

So, what’s ahead?!

In February, we will be launching a podcast which will air on the Undercover Capes Podcast Network. The podcast will host indie creators from all mediums and will showcase some things we think you may be interested in. We will do book reviews, spotlights similar to the ones we do on here, and much more.

Additionally, we will be starting to move forward with the actual print magazine. I have spoken to a couple of publishers who are VERY interested in putting out this magazine and they agree with us that the indie community needs something like us. We will keep you posted on that!

All in all, it’s been an extremely exciting month and I am thrilled to see what else lies ahead for us in 2017.

Until next time.

Stay Geek.


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