This day in age as the world grows into a much more mature place, we have been seeing more and more women in leading roles. Whether it’s in Movies, TV, or Comic Books, which is my favorite to see. Strong women leading the story in a comic book, and this is what I’m hoping to see more of.

Delilah Blast #1 takes place on Earth far into the future, when science is thriving and currently running the planet with the Earth Science Association or the E.S.A.. Everyone wants a chance to join the ranks on Earth in the E.S.A. by taking the entrance exams and performing their duty for their planet.

Delilah Blast follows a young woman trying her hardest to join and pursue her dream of being apart of the E.S.A., but has a few real world problems just like much of people these days. Sleeping in late, and apparently she does this a lot. But it’s not like most people though, Delilah is having these nightmares in which she falls into some sort of cavern and sees these mysterious men in purple robes. Not much is explained about this but hopefully will be better addressed in a future issue. Delilah unfortunately is late to her entrance exams by just a few minutes and meets with Colonel Wilson about the situation and tries to see if she can make it up in some way.

Marcel Dupree is the writer for this book and I am super excited to see what he has in store for us in the upcoming future. This book gives us so much promise as we get to see this Delilah unfold into a strong lead. One of the things that really catches my eye in this is how well the conversation flows like a real one would. Sometimes that’s hard to pull off and can really make a book hard to read. Also have to add credit to the Letterer Marco Della Verde, who obviously helps at achieving the flow of conversations between different characters.

Art in this book is phenomenal, one of my favorite parts of this read. Art is always important in a comic as it is a visual book, and must have a style that fits the story. Joel Cotejar and Ramon Burge are incredible. With Cotejar doing the art, and Burge covering the colors. Going through this a second time really helped me notice the detail they put into this book. Making sure that there are pretty things to look at besides what is surrounding the word bubbles. They have done an incredible job at capturing the world they are portraying, and making the characters expressions look genuine.

Delilah Blast is a fun, look at life where science is key to the future of the planet. With Delilah really showing the reader she cares for what she’s trying to do. Though there is not much action in this first issue, it makes up for it in character development, story telling, interesting detail to scenery. I am certainly looking forward to the next issue and where the story will take Delilah, strong start with a strong lead.

Writing – 5 Stars
Art – 5 Stars

Delilah Blast #1
Evoluzione Publishing 2017
Written by Marcel Dupree
Illustrated by Joel Cotejar
Coloured by Ramon Burge
Lettered by Marco Della Verde

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