PREVIEW: Sage Escape: Escape From Earth

Escape From Earth is the original Sage Escape story that was first released in hard copy at Supanova pop culture expo in Brisbane 2012. It begins a story arc that continues in the miniseries: Mars Gambit, Equinox and the soon to be released, Transhuman.

In 2016, Transhuman was successfully crowdfunded via Pozible. As part of the prize packs, each Pledger received a new digital copy of Escape From Earth. For the new digital version, the writer/artist created additional pencils and inks, which were added to the original line art, and then he recolored the entire issue from scratch.

Now Escape From Earth is available to the public. The story is being released just ahead of Transhuman. Transhuman will complete the first major story arc for the Sage Escape saga, and much of its plot relates directly back to Escape From Earth.

The Sage Escape series is available on ComiXology, iBooks and is soon to be released in hardcopy/graphic novel form on Amazon.

Creative Team

Damian S Simankowicz – Creator/Writer/Artist

Other work includes the supernatural thriller series, Sleeping With Ghosts, and the soon to be released horror series, Ravage.


Primal Archetype (Sleeping With Ghosts, Ravage)

Release Dates

Out now

Available for purchase at: ComiXology


Price USD $2.99

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