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TRESPASSER launches Kickstarter for printed collection.

Originally published in a digital format by independent publisher Alterna Comics, the four issue mini-series TRESPASSER has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter with the goal of raising enough money for a printed graphic novel to be made available to booksellers and comic book shops nationwide.

“I began writing TRESPASSER just under two years ago. My goal was to create something tangible to show off after years of brainstorming, planning, designing characters, and generally doing everything but creating an actual comic—a process I feel that most creators are familiar with. My inspiration for the tale is hard to pin down. I knew I wanted to write something scary, and sad, but not all doom and gloom.”


TRESPASSER tells the story of Hector Ramos, and his daughter Maria, who live on a secluded homestead after an unknown cataclysm has destroyed most of human civilization. The two experience the shock of their lives when they find an otherworldly interloper skulking about on their property. What follows is a dark, suspenseful, and tragically human tale.

“The idea of a human finding a potentially deadly alien at their mercy was a very interesting concept to me. I particularly enjoyed writing an ‘alien’ story that fell well outside of the usual invasion set up. In the end, TRESPASSER is about xenophobia, and isolationism. Really though, it’s about family. It’s about a father and a daughter, and what they mean to each other. It’s also about the end of the world and aliens with laser guns.”

The Kickstarter has a base goal of $4,000 which would fund an initial print run of the graphic novel. There are also stretch goals, which would allow the team of Justin M. Ryan, Kristian Rossi, and DC Hopkins to continue the story or even create their next project.

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