State of The Union 01.01.17

My dearest geeks and geekettes. Purveyors of fandom and possessors of hobbies. I would like to take this time to introduce you to the newest publication specializing in the strange and fantastic world of geeks. As a long time geek, I will begin by saying that you are amazing. I understand your obsessions and I applaud the commitment that you have to your favorite things. For most of my childhood, I waited by the mailbox waiting for the newest copy of Wizard magazine to show up at my door.

In a time before the massive cesspool known as the internet, publications like Wizard were my only look inside the world of geek things that I begged to surveil. However, despite the potential pain and suffering to loyal fans, many of those publications closed their doors and exchanged their print press for rows of computers. But I will always vouch that print is better than digital. The goal of Geekery is to prove that point to you.

Within the pages of this website (and eventually the actual print magazine), I promise that you will find two things. The first being the most exclusive content we could possibly come up with. We will always put unknown and up-and-coming creators before big-wigs. We will always put our emphasis on spotlighting things that you cant easily search for on Google. The second promise is for that of a good time. If you don’t find a single thing in our ramblings that manages to bring joy to your life, then either you are a terrible person or are somehow void of the ability to emote happiness like everyone else.

Beginning today, the long list of contributing writers from the Geekery staff and multiple other pop/geek culture sites will begin to fill this website with the greatest content possible. I take great pride in everyone on my team and find it to be a genuine pleasure to work with every single one of them.

So, without further adieu, I welcome you.

Stay the course, my geeky friends. Eyes on the horizon. Geekery Six, signing off.

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